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Public Health Isn’t A Crap Game!: 6 Flaws

As someone, that has labored on numerous political campaigns, for more than 40 years, I realize the strategy, marketing, and campaigning strategies, apparently, incorporated into, our political system! Although, some politicians stretch – the – truth, or spin the details, in an effort for political advantage, as well as their personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest, most intensify, in occasions of crisis, and set their constituents, and also the nation’s needs, ahead that belongs to them perceived ones! In recent memory, we’ve not possessed a health crisis, as crucial as the pandemic, we’re presently, undergoing. Many experts (scientists, physicians, public health specialists, etc), agree, it’s important to lessen the general risks, by minimizing face To face contact, using, what’s being known, as, social distancing. While, the ramifications of the, both immediate, and for a while in the future, when it comes to financial aspects, the stock exchange, and employment/ unemployment, are significant, is not health, and well being, from the public, more essential. When President Trump, lately, announced, his eagerness, and need, to spread out Up our economy, with what most, believe, is definitely an artificial period, it’s just like the casino’s crap game (some might win, but many won’t!). Whenever a Lieutenant Governor of a big condition, states, many seniors could be prepared to sacrifice their lives, to profit more youthful people, not just, is the fact that alien, to lots of our core concepts, but, also, an ill – created, public health policy! Knowing that, this information will make an effort to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 flaws, within this apparent, politically and financially motivated, policy.

  1. Survival from the fittest: Exactly what does it say about society, when we turn to, Survival from the Fittest, like a public health policy? While, it is a fact, in ongoing wars, triage doctors, sometimes, must make these kinds of decisions, since they’re short – handed, etc, it appears contrary, towards the core concepts, in our nation!
  2. Equating public health, with financial aspects: President Trump has frequently, articulated proposals and policies, in other locations, for example pacts and agreements/ contracts, immigration, etc, centered on money! However, should not receiving quality healthcare, or, at the minimum, a nationwide policy, emphasizing, minimizing health problems, be considered a priority, over mere economic factors!
  3. Equating flu, with Coronavirus: Mr. Trump has frequently compared flu, with this particular endemic, and Coronavirus! Public health professionals, clearly indicate, for several reasons, it is much more harmful, and – reaching! Right expect an open leader, to see the quantity of fatalities, in China, Italia, The country, etc, and, starting to occur, here, to understand, this is not his casino, where he’s attempting to market then sell, and beat the chances?
  4. Appearing to disregardOr contradict, their own experts: A lot of us, have started to expect, this President to misstate, lie, and articulate personally/ politically motivated messages, etc. However, when their own experts, and many public health care professionals, warn us, from the dangers, and also the need, for prevention, social distancing, along with other, more extreme measures, to, flatten – the – curve, and that he declares, an excessively, rosy, picture, he becomes, a obvious and offer danger!
  5. Still laying, blaming, and complaining: Many people from the public, have started to realize, Trump’s daily discussions, about this pandemic, are, somewhat incomplete, unsatisfying, and never informative! They have started to pay attention to a few of the Governors, for example Andrew Cuomo, for additional thorough understanding. This President appears to become ongoing his pattern of laying (based on political fact – checkers), blaming others, attempting to take credit, and complaining, and, avoiding, and making accusations against individuals, who articulate another message, our citizens, and also the world, are, at – risk!
  6. Playing politics, and feeding – his – ego: There comes a period, whenever we tire of somebody, constantly, seeking compliments, especially, if this appears, he does not deserve it! President Trump appears, either, reluctant, or not able to inform the details, and truth, without concentrating on the political effects!